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Mundubbera is located on the Burnett Highway, 405 kilometres north west of the state capital, Brisbane and 200 kilometres west of Bundaberg. The outback Queensland town, with a population just shy of 1,300 residents is famous for being the birth place of former Queensland Premier Wayne Goss.

Industry in Mundubbera is entirely based around agriculture and forestry. The major agricultural activities in Mundubbera are cattle grazing and, in the irrigated areas, fruit growing; citrus, mangoes, avocadoes, stone fruit and famous for being one of the largest producing areas of table grapes in Queensland.

During the fruit picking seasons, Mundubbera can double in size, as many itinerant workers and backpackers from around the World come to town looking for work on the orchards.

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Mundubbera means either Footsteps in the trees, or Meeting place of the waters, in local Aboriginal language.

European settlement took place in the late 1840s.






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