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Duaringa is currently a 1 star accredited Queensland Tidy Town. Let us know what you think by voting in the poll – you can give a 1 to 5 star rating!

Duaringa is one of the oldest townships in the Central Highlands region, with buildings dating back to the 1860’s – an example of this rich history can still be seen at the local hotel, where a portion has been preserved to show how the pioneers lived.

The Duaringa tourist information centre is artistic inside and out. From the highway, you can see the huge mural created by local artists. On the inside, the centre has local arts and crafts for sale, and plenty of information to offer on the history and attractions around town.

Local Government Information

The Central Highlands region is in Central Queensland, Australia. The region encompasses an area of around 60 000 square kilometres, making it just short of the size of Tasmania. It is home to around 30 000 people who live in the thirteen unique communities of Arcadia Valley, Bauhinia, Blackwater, Bluff, Capella, Comet, Dingo, Duaringa, Emerald, Rolleston, Sapphire Gemfields, Springsure and Tieri. Our region is rich in minerals and agriculture, thriving on irrigation sourced from water storage on the Nogoa and Comet rivers. We claim the largest sapphire-producing fields in the Southern Hemisphere, with Blackwater known as the Coal Capital of Queensland.

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Mackenzie Park, on the eastern side of town is home to a unique species of tree. The Duaringa stringy bark, known to the local Indigenous tribe as “budgeroo” – grows up to ten metres tall and has bushy foliage with small white flowers that bloom in spring. These trees were of great cultural significance to the early Aborigines who used its bark to make rope, baskets and building materials.

Visit the park during the day to enjoy a picnic lunch under the shade of the budgeroo and hear the flowing waterfall in the nearby lagoon. At night see the waterfall lit up to create colourful reflections on the sand and the lagoon. Mackenzie Park has camping areas with electric barbeques and free hot showers.

Next to Mackenzie Park is a historic cemetary, with many graves and headstones dating back to the 1800s.

Anglers can try their luck in the Mackenzie River, approximately 20kms to the north, or in the Dawson River, 9kms to the south-east.

Stay overnight at the Duaringa Hotel or Duaringa White Eagle Motel.

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