Becoming an accredited Queensland Tidy Town is an easy and straight-forward process.

Tidy Towns isn’t just about ‘beautification’ and civic pride – although, that does help!

A ‘tidy town’ is a community that works together to achieve maximum results to enhance and protect the natural environment, build community spirit and, to implement sustainable practices and programs across nine key focus areas.

From the smallest and most remote communities of fewer than 10 people, to the regional metropolises, Tidy Towns brings communities together. The program acknowledges and rewards communities by recognising projects that enhance and look after the community’s assets and surrounding environment.

Click here to select the size of your town and to ‘register’ (get started). You will need to register each individual town.

When you register your town(s) you will receive an email containing a link to download the accreditation documentation. You have until 29 June to compile information for your submission.

You will also receive a helpful “getting started” guide.

Now that you have successfully registered for the unique Tidy Towns accreditation process, it’s time to share the good news! Publicising your town’s participation in the accreditation program is a great way to boost community pride and demonstrate your commitment to quality programs and services in your community. It is also a great way to source valuable information to use in your submission!

The accreditation rating will provide participating towns with a 1 to 5 star rating based on their performance in key focus areas:

  • Environmental Innovation
  • Environmental Protection
  • Heritage and Culture
  • Community Spirit
  • Litter Action
  • Resource Recovery
  • Waste Management
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Efficiency

Even the smallest actions can go a long way to improve outcomes, so don’t be deterred from entering.

You may also nominate an individual or group for an award in the Young Legends or Outstanding Achievement categories. Each nominee will receive appropriate recognition (certificates), including media and PR opportunities.

Each participating town may also submit a local beach for assessment in the Clean Beaches awards and accreditation program.

Once you receive your email and download the assessment documentation, we ask that you nominate a suitable time for one of our consultants to telephone you for a one-on-one chat – we will discuss the accreditation process, give you tips and talk through the “getting started” guide to answer any questions you may have. Contact us to arrange a suitable time!

It is important that you seek assistance from the whole community. Consider yourself the “Tidy Towns Information Collation Officer” – not the person who writes the entire accreditation document, but the person everyone else will provide information to. You need to decide who the best people are to speak to for obtaining information to complete each focus area.

Tidy Towns accreditation is an assessment on the whole town – not only Council projects or initiatives – get the whole community involved.

Speak to local Rotary and Lions Clubs, Schools, Sporting associations, Scouts and Girl Guides, Surf Life Saving Clubs, Environmental groups and Progress Associations – input information on their community improvement initiatives.

Included projects do not need to have been started/completed in the past twelve months. Accreditation assesses all projects – even existing projects implemented 15 years ago.

When you are ready – upload your submission and supporting documentation to your online account (We will provide you with a dropbox folder on our server) or save onto the USB and mail back to us. Our panel of assessors will review the information you have provided. Should additional information or clarification be required, you will be contacted to discuss.

The overall “Queensland’s Tidiest Town” award winner will be announced on the 29th October – to coincide with the Local Government Association of Queensland annual conference (to be held in Brisbane in 2018).

All participating towns will receive their star rating notification (including certificate, signage and marketing artwork) in early November. We will also discuss media and PR opportunities, so you can capitalise on your success.

Accredited towns will hold their rating for 2 years.

Queensland Tidy Towns Accreditation and Awards